KAI SOFTWARE INC converts your ideas into business solutions
Our focus
We cover a full development process from A to Z
Software engineering and machine learning
We provide development of unique technologies with machine learning, software engineering, and neural networks development. We create exclusive solutions, using mathematic and geometric models. KAI Software INC has more than 100 engineers, including specialists with PhD, that are usually assigned for these types of projects.
Consulting and Research
We provide a consulting service during the project’s pre-development stage. It includes learning about the industry of the project, building the logic, design of interface and database, understanding the technology based on the client’s request, defining the scale capacity of the project, and counting all critical directions of the project. Preparation of the technical documentation, SRS/SAD.
Mobile development
Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their hand 24/7. If you want your company to stay on top, you need a mobile application. Android or iOS, we’ll build it from the ground up for you.
Mobile applications increase traffic to your website. We will help you make sure your business keeps functioning at its highest potential. We will guide you through the development of your mobile application from start to finish.
We use:
Swift framework / Android SDK / Xamarin framework
Web development
KAI SOFTWARE INC has already helped companies in a number of fields, from agribusiness to universities as well as executives to serve their needs. Our developing experience includes CRM systems, resource managements software, automation and optimization among others.
Software as a Service (SaaS) is the main delivery model in web development, and it’s obvious why. Our SaaS comes with our full support and maintenance, so you won’t have to pay extra for servers and specialists.
We use:
Python / Laravel 5 / Ruby on Rails / Node.JS / React JS / PostgreSQL / MongoDB
Documentation and support
KAI Software starts every project with the Software Requirements Specification and finishes it with maintenance and support. We also provide the Audit and Analysis for projects that already exist and are required a redevelopment.
The SRS creation contains:
  • Vision and overall description of the project and the road map;
  • UI mockups;
  • Functional requirements;
  • Use cases;
  • Project plan&development estimation.
SRS / Mockups / Database design / Infrastructure design / 24/7 support
KAI Software Inc always works hard for the best result
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Our case About us
Our history
After 20+years KAI Software Inc transformed from a small
company to an international corporation
KAI SOFTWARE INC was founded in 1994 and today we create new software development solutions for projects with sizable data requirements.

He quality of our products remains on top of the game while building new products or creating original solutions for existing projects.
What sets the company apart from competitors?
We provide high quality solutions at affordable prices with 6 months of free support and maintenance.
KAI Software Overview
Company activity, based on projects development
of experience
Our products
Ready for immediate installation and implementation
A web application for training, education
and knowledge control.
Software system for geologists, mining engineers, and surveyors
Our clients
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85 Broad Street, FL 27 , New York, 10004
+1 (718) 705-8574
85 Broad Street, FL 27 , New York, 10004
+1 (718) 705-8574
85 Broad Street, FL 27 , New York, 10004
+1 (718) 705-8574